Tee Time Rates 

Members: $21.92/hr + HST = $25
Guests (playing without a member): $30.70/hr + HST = $35

Guest playing with member (member rate)

Arrive early. Finish early. Pay before you Play!

Purchase a Tee Time Credit Package

Members of the South River Indoor Golfers Club can purchase tee time credits to play golf year round and earn at least 10% BONUS tee time credit.

  • Credits never expire
  • Credits can be used by the purchaser and any member of their playing group.
  • Credits are transferrable between members.
  • Can be used for member / guest tee times or social events.
  • Partial credits can be used to discount cost of tee time when your credits run out.
  • Private Member space allows you to always know how much credit you have remaining.

Tee Time Credit Packages:

  • Bogie Pack (over 5% Bonus tee time credit):
    $199 purchases $210 tee time credit
  • Birdie Pack (over 10% Bonus tee time credit):
    $399 purchases $440 tee time credit

Packages will show in member profile immediately as Credits, enabling members to book a one hour tee time upon purchase. As soon as possible credits will be converted to money on account on private member page allowing more tee time purchase flexibility.  The money in your account will automatically be used to pay for any type of tee time purchase.  Each credit has an approximate value of $21.92/hr + HST ($25).

NOTE: Purchase of Tee Time Credit Pack prior to account reaching $0 will result in leftover credit in your account being applied towards the purchase of a new credit package.  Minimum 5% credit will be added to your account based on the amount of  tee time actually charged to credit card.
ie: Member purchases Bogie pack with $80 still in their account.  Although the pack is priced at $200, credit card will be charged $120 ($200-80).  Member account will be credited with $126 in credit ($120 + 6) resulting in a balance of $206 in tee time credit.

Purchase a Credit Package online or arrange purchase of Tee Time Credit at Northern Edge Algonquin (across the hall from the club) during business hours.  Pay by cash, cheque email transfer to teetimes@southrivergolf.ca or credit card.  Credit Card statements for South River Golf are c/o Northern Edge Algonquin.  For more information email: teetimes@southrivergolf.ca.

Social Events and Learn to Golf Workshops

The South River Indoor Golfers Club is a great place to entertain friends, family and co-workers.  Social events for groups of 4 -8 guests cost $35/hr.  Minimum booking time is 2 hours.  Maximum group size is 8.

Would you like to learn to golf in a safe, supportive private environment?  Ask about private and small group lessons.