Group Events

Social Events

more than golfPlan your next social event for friends, co-workers  or family at the South River Golfers Club.  It’s a private facility offering social, recreational, fun gatherings for groups of four to eight people.  More than just golf there are interactive games like football, hockey and soccer available.  Everyone can take a turn at quarterback.

Youth birthday parties are also welcome.  Youth must be supervised on a 3:1 ratio.  Maximum capacity is 8 (6 youth and two adults).

hockey too!

Bring your own food or have your event catered.  Book the club for your group event for just $35 per hour.

Member Challenges 

Putting Indoors on the Green with Camillo Villegas

Each month we’ll post a golf challenge for members to be played on courses from around the world.   See the message board in the club for the current challenge.